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This is my first ever post on my personal blog… why am I writing this? Well, let me elaborate. I’m twenty years young and I’ve recently graduated University. I’ve scored myself an expensive piece of paper that acknowledges education in Business, particularly within the fields of Human Resources and Marketing. Amongst my 253 recently sent emails applying for any available job on this planet, I’ve received one email that has just changed the course of my early life. I’ve just got word that somehow, someone out there, for whatever reason, wants to offer a fresh graduate a full-time job in their company. Not only am I thrilled to actually receive an email back from a company that’s not just an automated message, but I’m over the moon to hear that someone is finally willing to invest their time and resources to help develop my textbook knowledge into real world experience.

Off to work I go!


I’m starting this blog with minimal experience in the online world. For the past three years, my work experience consists of sales roles. I wanted to document my journey along the way and implement what I learn on a day to day basis to my website. I guess I have this grand idea that in a year’s time I’ll have this masterpiece that I know how to frequently run. I wish to consistently post blog updates about my current working projects and what challenges they bring forth, as well as updating my website with pages that reflect my current skills.

I’m entering my professional career as a Digital Marketing Executive for an app developing studio. I’m wrapped to be working for a start-up company as I’ve always admired their free and creative structures. I am also fond of working within the digital industry as my last role saw me as a sales consultant for a computing/tech company.

Join in on my journey and watch me develop my career as a digital marketer. I’d love for any reader to subscribe to my blog, follow me on Twitter or even connect with me on LinkedIn.


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