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The wonderful world of digital marketing is one that’s constantly changing with new updates on tools and best practices. I’ve recently learned the importance of keeping up with the latest digital trends to help inspire myself with new and exciting ideas. I find the most effective measure of doing this is to engage myself within the industry by tuning into frequently updated blogs and news sites. Here’s a list of my top five go-to sites for digital marketing inspiration:


The Verge news logo.

The Verge:

If you follow my Twitter you’ll see that I secretly have an obsession for The Verge. Working for an apps studio, The Verge is my morning fix of all things tech, apps, start-ups and industry news. But how can a site that focuses on the tech industry be of help to someone in digital marketing? Well as mentioned, the site does feature content about the latest tech updates, therefore by seeing a simple post about ‘Instagram stories latest update’ on The Verge, I can come to terms with how this new feature could impact my future marketing practices/campaigns.

An image of the Marketing Land blog logoMarketing Land:

Marketing Land for me is definitely my go-to site when looking for daily marketing news and upcoming digital trends. The site not only features great imagery that pulls my attention to each story, but the blog is also a marketers best friend. Marketing Land is predominately a blend of posts about relevant marketing practices and digital news. What I love about Marketing Land is the depth that they delve into when unveiling each individual story. Although the site will sometimes feature digital news stories that have already been covered by sites like TechCrunch and The Verge, Marketing Land goes one step further by explaining how each news story will be relevant to marketers, how it will affect them, and what they can do to capitalize on it. A prime example was when Instagram Launched Stickers For Stories. Although other websites had only posted a brief article and an image about the update to celebrate the apps new feature, Marketing Land had instead posted an article explaining how, the feature does not have a direct impact on advertisers just yet, they may be able to enhance the character of stories provided by brands”. On top of this, Marketing land also covers all things social media, SEO, SEM, analytics, mobile and e-commerce.


The logo from the Social Media Examiner blog

Social Media Examiner:

If I’m ever in need of some social media inspiration or advice on running social campaigns, the Social Media Examiner blog is my saviour. Each day the site posts new content focusing on how to maximize your social media covered in order to best increase your lead generation strategy. The site also posts helpful tips on how to build a stronger social profile across each networking platform. As the site caters for a wide array of demographics, you can be sure to find something relevant to what you need. By purely focusing on social media, I find the featured articles to be of more depth than other websites posting about social news. Although you do have to fight off a sea of pop-ups when using the site, I am a serious sucker for cartoon graphics, so the Social Media Examiner wins vote overall!


MOZ SEO blog logo


Of course I had to add MOZ to my list. This one’s a no-brainer! For those who don’t know what MOZ is, it’s the be-all blog for search engine optimization (SEO). I don’t know how one website can produce so much content about one continuous topic, but MOZ surely knows how to do it. I’ll always be sure to check out MOZ for anything related to web optimization, back links, keywords and site performance. Although I haven’t yet had the chance to get my hands on it, MOZ are also responsible for some high-quality SEO software.

Michell C. Clarks blog logo.Michell C. Clark:

I’ll just jump right out of the gate and say it… This is what I want my blog to be! I’m only relatively new to following Michell Clark, but I find his website/blog to be phenomenal. The man posts great content about social media marketing, email marketing and all things music. Michell is so genuine in the way he speaks, so I’m always sure to find myself heavily engaged in whatever wisdom he has to preach. Alongside his great content, I do also draw to Michell’s blog for design inspiration. I admire his clean design that can somehow hide all of his added widgets and sign ups into a cleanly sculpted web page.

So if you’re ever lost for inspiration, or you’re just looking to educate yourself on the world of digital marketing, be sure to jump on over to these five sites and I’m sure that you’ll find something relevant. Have you got your own favourite sites you use for inspiration? I’d love to know! It doesn’t even have to be limited to digital marketing. Leave a comment on your favourite sites or Tweet them to me!


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