One Year In Digital Marketing

Today marks a special day, it’s my first birthday! 🎉 Well… as you can probably tell, I’m not exactly one year old. But today does mark the one year milestone since I started my career in Digital Marketing. If you remember reading my first blog post, you’ll know how excited I was to kick things off by working for Hydric Media, an apps studio based in Brisbane.A cat celebrating a one year anniversary in Digital Marketing job role.

A year can be such a long, yet such a short period of time. The past year for me has gone faster than a PS4 at a black Friday sale, yet at the same time, it feels like I’ve had a lifetime to developed both myself and my career. I started my role in Digital Marketing as a university graduate with a background in sales for a corporate retailer. Throughout my studies, I’d had the pleasure of traveling overseas for voluntary work experience and had excelled in my job at the time, but nothing could have prepared me for what was to come. When I uploaded myself into the cloud and entered the wonderful world of Digital Marketing, I had no idea about how much there was to learn!

Over the past year I’ve been fortunate enough to work for an incredible company/startup that has given me so much room to grow. With the freedom to create and implement my own digital strategies, I wasn’t just thrown in the deep end… I took a skydive into the ocean and fell in love with the waters where I landed. As the Digital Marketing Executive, it definitely did take me some time to understand that I really do have the power to create whatever it is I desire online.

What I’ve learnt in my role

In just only just one short year, this paragraph could easily turn into a short novel, but to keep things sweet and simple I’ll stick with compiling a list of bullets points. I’ve been lucky enough to establish experience in the following areas:

  • Understanding and having a passion for what your company does
  • Understanding how to market a brand online
  • Effectively planning and utilizing monthly marketing budgets
  • Recording in-depth Google analytics
  • Creating optimized web pages in WordPress
  • Developing a consistent SEO strategy
  • Writing effective content for blogs and press releases
  • Creating Google AdWord campaigns
  • Learning what a whole bunch of tech acronyms actually mean
  • Running social media competitions and paid media campaigns across all platforms to maximize user engagements
  • Utilizing as many digital tools as possible
  • Developing some cheeky growth hacking techniques
  • Sweet talking internal designers to prioritizing marketing artwork
  • Designing engaging newsletters for mail lists
  • Creating in-app experiences to increase user engagements
  • Effectively reporting on campaigns to better future results

I’ve learnt a lot of valuable things in my role, but nothing more valuable than this… The title of a ‘Digital Marketing Executive’ is very broad. The job role itself can mean so many different things and cover countless job responsibilities. The main reason that I’ve fallen in love with Digital Marketing is because your job role really can change each day.

I’d like to say a huge thank you to the team at Hydric Media for everything they’ve done in supporting me so far. It’s truly been a pleasure working alongside our team as we build innovative mobile experiences for international clients like Spotify, Twitter, MTV, Viacom, Sony Music and Rate My Professors.

Although I’ve already learnt more than I could ever have imagined in one short year, I’m so excited for what the lies ahead for me as I further my career in a field that I’m truly passionate about, Digital Marketing.

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