Digital Talk | Episode #11

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Digital Talk is the easy to consume podcast for busy digital marketers. The series aims to keep you in the know with the latest digital news and trends. From what was originally a weekly digital news summary, host Lachlan Kirkwood, now delves into engaging discussions covering a myriad of emerging digital topics.

Episode #11

The first instalment in season #2 of Digital Talk, dives into the five ways in which I believe artificial intelligence is revolutionising the digital marketing landscape.

Over the past eight months, I’ve had the pleasuring of working at Max Kelsen, the software engineering studio with a focus on big data and machine learning. At the agency, I’m exposed to a multitude of real-world machine learning developments that are re-purposing digital strategies across organisations.

Although digital marketers are constantly reminded of the importance of AI and its impact – it can often be difficult to understand the real-world implementations. Many articles exploring AI in digital marketing cover how current workflows are set to be augmented or automated, but don’t break down exactly how AI techniques can be implemented, or how the everyday marketer can jump on board.

In my recently published article, I covered five real-world examples of not just brands harnessing this emerging technology, but how the tech operates on the back-end of these laudable developments.

The five key areas include:
  • Understanding user insights
  • Personalisation
  • Preventing user churn
  • Chatbots
  • Recommendation engines

All-in-all, I often feel that digital marketers are slightly confused about how artificial intelligence operates. In its current state, there’s not some sort of magic AI tool that can simply plug into a self-serving ad platform. Unfortunately, us marketers don’t actually have a great ordeal to do with the development of this technology, unless of course you have a background as a software engineer.

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