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Digital Talk marketing podcast episode 14.

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Digital Talk is the easy to consume podcast for busy digital marketers. The series aims to keep you in the know with the latest digital news and trends. From what was originally a weekly digital news summary, host Lachlan Kirkwood, now delves into engaging discussions covering a myriad of emerging digital topics.

Episode #14

I recently caught up with Florent Le Mens, the Social Media Advisor at CQUniversity, to talk about emerging social media strategies and the importance of personal branding. With over eight years of experience in both digital marketing and social, Flo has a wealth of knowledge to share when it comes to crafting social strategies that drive real engagement.

Headshot of Social Media Marketer, Florent Le Mens.

If you’re currently working in social media, or you’re a digital marketer looking to remain relevant within the industry, this is not an episode you’d want to miss! Flo and I take the time to share some valuable insights across a wide range of topics, including:

  • The shift in social media strategies to prioritise stories.
  • How to leverage user-generated content.
  • How to utilise stories as a means of driving traffic.
  • Soon-to-be-available features that Social Media Marketers should prepare for.
  • What personal branding is and why it’s so important for Digital Marketers.
  • Strategies on how to kickstart your own personal brand.
  • How to prioritise the right platform for your personal brand.


If you’d like to learn more about Flo and his exciting work, you can head over to his blog here. Flo will also be a guest panellist at this months Network Brisbane Social Media event. 

Florent Le Mens social media consulting website.

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I’m a twenty-two year old Digital Marketing & Conversions Specialist based in Brisbane, Australia. With a passion for all things digital and tech, I aim to connect and learn from as many like-minded digital enthusiasts as possible.

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