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Top digital marketing recourses from the ClickThrough Facebook community.

ClickThrough blog post about the top digital marketing resources.

Almost a year ago, I created my first Facebook group, ClickThrough.

I wanted to develop a community of like-minded digital marketers who actively shared valuable sources of digital marketing content with one another.

Whether it be an example of an engaging ad, an interesting case study, or even a new product feature, having access to valuable digital marketing content is a core focus of the community.

Link to ClickThrough digital marketing Facebook group.

A problem I often hear from industry peers is that there’s an abundance of content available online. This makes it’s difficult to determine what’s reliable and worth consuming.

Now this certainly isn’t a bad problem for those willing to learn, but how do you siphon through all of this content to uncover the most valuable insights?

I recently reached out to the ClickThrough community to uncover what sources of digital marketing content they found the most valuable.

Amongst the diverse range of responses, there were some common trends within the community.

I wanted to highlight the top 5 resources and share an insight as to why the community found them so valuable.


Logo of content publisher, Social Media Today.

Social Media Today

This blog is a necessity for anyone working across the social landscape. The community commended the content Social Media Today publishes, saying it shared valuable industry news, industry reports, tips & tricks, and new features across all things social media.


Social Media Examiner brand logo.

Social Media Examiner

This was another reputable source within the social landscape. Digital marketers found the Social Media Examiners content valuable as it provided deeper insights about every social platform.

The SME podcast (Social Media Marketing Talk Show), was also highly regarded as a great way to learn about the latest product updates throughout each week. Each episode uncovers new features and soon to be published updates across social platforms, allowing digital marketers to remain relevant.


SEO blog, Search Engine Land, branded logo.Search Engine Land

For anyone working across the SEO or SEM landscape, Search Engine Land is a must for all relevant industry news. Being a facet of parent publisher, Marketing Land, SEL remains at the forefront of sharing the most relevant insights.

With a wide range of featured publishers, Search Engine Land shares content about the latest search algorithm updates, SEO best practices, industry reports, and featured case studies – all from domain experts embedded within the industry.


Matt Navaras Social Media Geek Out Facebook group cover photo.

The Social Media Geek Out Group

If you’re working across the social landscape, you’re more than likely familiar with Matt Navara. After serving as the Social Media Manager for The Next Web (TNW), Matt began openly sharing his industry insights with other digital marketers.

With what started as revealing new product updates to Twitter, has now lead to a curated Facebook group of social media marketers, all willing to uncover exciting new updates within the industry.


Facebook newsroom branded logo.

Directly From The Source

When it comes to reliable and relevant content, there’s no better means than directly from the source.

The authenticity of content can often lose value when it’s repurposed by a third-party. Most digital marketers stated that they prefer to read industry news as soon as it’s published from directly the source.

Whether it be Facebook’s Newsroom, Twitters marketing blog, or LinkedIn’s Marketing Solutions, the content published by these platforms is not only accurate, but is also delivered in real-time.


This list of only covers a handful of the valuable digital marketing resources available.

As the Clickthrough community scales, I’ll continue sharing insights into what content members find of value.

Where there any sources of content I’ve missed? Join the community here and let us know your favourite resources – whether it be a podcast, a blog post, or even a vlog series.



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