The Future Of Work For Digital Marketers

Lachlan Kirkwood sharing his thoughts about the future of work for digital marketers.

The future of work for digital marketers.

As a digital marketer, I love how fast-paced the industry can be.

With new trends, best practices, tools, and strategies, no two days are the same.

What most excites me though, is what the future of work looks like for the average digital marketer.

Having spent 3 years in the industry, I wanted to share just 3 insights into what I personally believe lies ahead for our line of work, and how we as digital marketers can best prepare ourselves.

These points are based on my own opinions. I’d always welcome you to share your own thoughts.


Lower Barrier To Entry

I recently published a post about one of the biggest regrets in my career — attending university.

In summary, I believe that I could have better allocated my resources into relevant online courses. I also identified ways in which it’s possible to acquire real-world experience.

With a myriad of valuable online platforms like Coursera, Udamey, and Google Garage, it’s never been easier for anyone to learn digital marketing skills.

Logos for online learning platforms, including Coursera, Udamey, and Udacity.

Students are no longer required to spend 3 years studying. Practical knowledge can now be retained in a fraction of the time.

On the flip side, however, I believe that digital marketers will be expected to allocate more time into maintaining these skills.

With new trends emerging each day, it’s essential for digital marketers to remain on the cusp of the latest industry trends.


The Freelance Workforce

As younger generations continually value flexibility within their lives, the traditional 9–5 role is beginning to evolve.

With a myriad of productivity and communication tools now accessible, it’s never been easier to work remotely at any given time of day.

Working as a full-time freelancer is a path that the industry is beginning to cater for.

Platforms like Fiverr, Freelancer, and UpWork can allow anyone to monetise their skills in fields they enjoy.


Product & Marketing

With the cost of paid acquisition channels continually rising, brands are turning to growth strategies that entail a lower cost, or no cost at all.

Some of the best growth strategies aren’t a direct result of digital marketing, but are instead attributed to product development.

Products like Strava, Product Hunt, and HiSmile, have all been built with features that empower users to organically promote the product themselves.

By encouraging people to create user-generated content, it’s possible to leverage their existing networks to acquire new users.

Strava growth marketing strategy.

I foresee a future were digital marketers work directly within products teams to help guide, execute, and analyse the performance of these growth strategies.

What do you believe the future of work will look like? Tweet me @lachlankirkwood and let me know your thoughts.



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