How To Land Your First Role In Digital

How to land your first digital marketing job banner.

First times are always memorable, and they’re always a great learning curve.

As I’ve recently surpassed what I consider to be the tender age of 22, I’ve had the pleasure of living a few short years of my life in the full-time workforce – post graduation. Although the time since graduation has surely flown by, I can still vividly remember the daunting experience of applying for nearly every possible job listing on Seek, in an attempt to secure my first full-time role. Sound familiar? It’s no secret that finding a job after University is no easy challenge. If you’ve already started applying for roles, I’m sure you’ve found yourself in a similar position to something like this…

A funny meme of a candidate in an interview for a digital marketing job, but not having enough experience

As I’m now accepting the fact that I’m no longer the freshest face in the digital workforce, I wanted to construct this post with the intention of providing some genuine advice for current students looking to soon land their first job in the digital world.

WARNING: This post may heavily involve the terms ‘millennials’ and ‘self-branding’. If you despise buzz words, now might be the appropriate time to turn your attention elsewhere.

If you have no idea in the world about who I am (and I don’t blame you), here’s a quick introduction. I’m a 22-year-old Digital Marketing & Conversions Specialist, so this post is slightly more catered to those looking to score a role in a Digital Marketing position. Some of my advice, however, is still applicable to all digital professions, so you may still want to tune in. 

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