Facebook LeadGen Optimisation

Lachlan Kirkwood Facebook ad set optimisation strategy.

With a background in paid performance, driving conversion-based outcomes has always been an essential part of any digital strategy.

Conversions can be determined by the unique goals and objectives of any brand.

Whether it be a registered lead at the top-of-funnel, or a converted sale at the bottom – identifying these events can help measure the success of any paid campaign.

By understanding the role of each conversion event in your funnel, it’s possible to determine the conversion rate between these different stages. 

Digital marketing sales funnel stages.

When you have access to this data, you can analyse how fluctuations across conversion rates will impact the overall performance of your digital strategy.

Conversion rate optimisation is something that’s traditionally associated with UX/UI development, however, I believe it also plays an important role across the paid social landscape.

I recently hosted an event in Brisbane – The Digital Deep Dive – where the aim was to openly share actionable insights into real-world digital strategies.

As the topic was conversion-rate optimisation, I openly discussed a CRO case study I’d recently worked on.

Lachlan Kirkwood presenting at the Digital Deep Dive meet up.

After running an ongoing Facebook lead generation ad for two years, the average CPA had doubled over its lifetime.

After generating 9,000 leads, I decided to experiment and make some additional optimisations to help lower the ad set CPA.

This lead generation campaign played an important role in the clients top-of-funnel strategy.

Once a user converted on the lead ad, they would then enter an automated workflow, eventually driving them to a bottom-of-funnel conversion event.

I share how taking a data-driven approach to ad set optimisation allowed us to lower our CPA by 25%

You can catch the full case study in the video below.



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