Startup Marketing Strategies & Personal Branding [Podcast Feature]

Lachlan Kirkwood sharing digital marketing strategies for startups on the Lean Marketing Podcast.

As an early-stage startup, paid acquisition channels aren’t often the most effective way to allocate digital marketing resources.

With CPA’s rising across paid channels, building an engaged audience through content marketing is becoming essential.

Empowering team members to grow their personal brand can be an effective strategy when looking to streamline the content creation process. As people become brands and brands become people, sharing opinions through an authentic channel can help audiences better relate to a brand.

I recently caught up with Brandon Kidd on the Lean Marketing Podcast to share some actionable strategies for brands looking to leverage both content marketing and personal branding.

Throughout the episode, we cover:

  • How to identify which channels will be most effective for your startup
  • How to optimise the distribution of your content by repurposing it across channels 
  • How to leverage data and effectively measure the performance of your content marketing strategy

If you’re an early-stage startup or a digital marketer looking to build an effective content marketing strategy, I’d recommend listening to the full episode above.


About me: 

I’m a twenty-four-year-old Digital Marketing & Conversions Specialist based in Brisbane, Australia. With a passion for all things digital and tech, I aim to connect and learn from as many like-minded digital enthusiasts as possible. If you have a passion for emerging technologies and digital practices, I’d love to connect and hear your story.

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