How To Grow Your Marketing Career With The Power of Personal Branding [Podcast Feature]

Digital marketing specialist, Lachlan Kirkwood, featuring on the CoSchedule podcast.

One of the most important skills for any digital marketer is the ability to market themselves.

I’ve been a long-time listener of CoSchedule’s Actionable Marketing Podcast, so I was stoked to feature as a guest and share some advice of my own.

Throughout the episode, I highlighted my thoughts on building a career in digital marketing through personal branding.

From starting my journey with a blog that only my mum read, to now building an audience within the industry, I uncover the most effective ways to create a personal brand of your own.

My key takeaways:

1. Start with low expectations

2. Always add value

3. Consistency & persistence

4. Document and share everything you learn

Curious to build your own audience or freelance business within the digital marketing landscape? It’s never been a better time to start documenting and sharing your journey.

You can catch the full episode above.

Digital marketing quote from the CoSchedule Actionable Marketing podcast


About me: 

I’m a twenty-four-year-old Digital Marketing & Conversions Specialist based in Brisbane, Australia. With a passion for all things digital and tech, I aim to connect and learn from as many like-minded digital enthusiasts as possible. If you have a passion for emerging technologies and digital practices, I’d love to connect and hear your story.

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