How To Grow A Business Through Personal Branding [Podcast Feature]

Lachlan Kirkwood featuring on the Canadian podcast, Communicate Influence

It’s never been easier to build a personal brand than right now.

Throughout these uncertain times, people are more interested than ever to hear your authentic opinion – especially if they can relate on a personal level.

But this approach isn’t just for individuals. I’m seeing some great examples of businesses documenting their experiences throughout the crisis – creating a new layer of transparency with their users.

I recently caught up with Sheelagh Caygill on the Communicate Influence podcast to share some insights on my favourite topic – personal branding.

If you’re a professional looking to course new streams of income, or a business interested to grow and drive more engagement from your audience, this episode covers the ins and outs of how to get started through storytelling.

It’d also be rude for me not to drop a mention of TikTok in a podcast.

As a platform that demands demands raw and real content, I took the time to share some examples of the best brands that have grown an audience on TikTok.

If you’re a brand or digital marketer looking to build an effective digital strategy in these unprecendented times, I’d recommend listening to the full episode above.


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