The Digital Marketing Landscape In 2020 [Podcast Feature]

As 2019 comes to an end, I had the opportunity to feature on The Internet Marketing Podcast, hosted by Site Visibility.

The Internet Marketing Podcast is one of the worlds most listened to marketing talk shows. Each week, top digital marketers from across the industry reveal their latest growth strategies and share actionable advice to listeners.

Throughout the episode, I take the time to cover:

  • A summary of some of the key changes & trends we’ve seen across the digital marketing landscape in 2019
  • My predictions for the landscape in 2020, including; which platforms to utilise, what strategies to follow, and regulations digital marketers need to know
  • Why the rise of TikTok should be in your 2020 strategy
  • Why digital marketers should care about personal branding in 2020
  • How you can start building your personal brand and the channels you should prioritise throughout the process
  • What the future of work will look like for digital marketers

If you’re a digital marketer looking to remain on the cusp of the industry throughout 2020, I’d recommend listening to the full episode above.


About me: 

I’m a twenty-four-year-old Digital Marketing & Conversions Specialist based in Brisbane, Australia. With a passion for all things digital and tech, I aim to connect and learn from as many like-minded digital enthusiasts as possible. If you have a passion for emerging technologies and digital practices, I’d love to connect and hear your story.