What Founders Need To Know About Personal Branding [Podcast Feature]

Lachlan Kirkwood featuring on the All About Digital Marketing podcast.

What does it take to start building a real personal brand…

Do you need to be an existing thought leader? Do you need to create your own video series or podcast?

The reality is that you don’t need any of the above.

Like building any brand, you should focus on starting small. Start by taking the time to first engage with others in the industry, then uncover areas where you can add value.

I recently had the pleasure of joining Christopher Bruno on the All About Digital Marketing podcast. We took the time to explain the step-by-step process of building a personal brand and how it’s a journey that takes time and iteration.

Throughout the episode, we also covered:

  • Why it’s important for founders to build a personal brand within the early stages of their journey
  • Actionable ways to get started creating content, helping you grow your audience 
  • How to leverage existing communities to quickly scale your brand
  • The importance of adding value to your audience
  • How to use your audience to validate ideas

If you’re a founder or digital marketer looking to start building a personal brand within the industry, I’d recommend listening to the full episode above.


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